Trocadero's story


Trocadero was founded in early 2012 when the quartet previously known as the Bathtub Club found their new baritone and magic started to happen. Ever since, we've had tons of fun while working hard to develop the charismatic performance and youthful yet rich sound you can experience today. The quartet does a great variety of music ranging from classical Swedish men’s choir to songs by some of our favorite artists like Queen, John Legend and the Beatles.

The group consists of tenor David Holst, lead Jakob Berggren, bass Filip Sibien and baritone Sam Andrén. All four of us grew up marinating in Swedish choral tradition by starting in various music schools around Stockholm, meeting for the first time at the Stockholm Music Gymnasium and ever since graduation singing in several prominent choirs around Stockholm. Most recently we have all been singing together in Zero8, one of Sweden's most prominent men's choirs. 


Our career as a quartet got a kick start in the autumn of 2012 and spring of 2013 when we where lucky enough to sing aboard a cruise ship, the Celebrity Century. The sheer volume of performances we did over those six months, as well as the large repertoire required, really shaped the quartet as living and performing together became the most natural thing ever. During our travels, to Hawaii, Central America, cruising along the West Coast of the States and all the way up to Alaska, we where lucky to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world, together making our time on the ship truly marvelous.

Today we really enjoy singing at a variety of different events. We get to do lots of dinner parties as well as shows alongside other groups but also concerts of our very own. Ever since first getting together, our main focus has been competing and rehearsing song for contest, which has taken a crazy amount of our time over the last few years. But practice pays off! Not only have we have lots of fun, but in June 2015 we ended up winning 1st place in the Collegiate Barbershop Quartet Contest and making the semi-finals in the open International Competition in Pittsburgh. In the contest of 2016 in Nashville we got our best scores ever and placed 12th, and are now looking forward to whatever the future holds for us!